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      放心之選 閥門產品供應商

      多年口碑見證 提供一站式水利工程解決方案


      文章來源:閥門 作者:山東奧德閥門 發布時間:2023-04-24 11:41:03



           Odes Valve is here to share with you some knowledge about Shandong valves. After the shut-off valve is closed, the protruding surface can only be sealed with the help of material working pressure, that is, the protruding surface of the gate valve can be pressed towards the high-pressure gate valve on the other side to determine the sealing of the protruding surface, which is self sealing. The vast majority of globe valves adopt mandatory sealing, which means that after the gate valve is closed, external force is used to force the gate valve towards the high-pressure gate valve to confirm the sealing of the protruding surface.


            Movement form: The gate valve of the shut-off valve moves uniformly in a straight line with the valve seat, also known as a fire gate valve. Usually, there is a trapezoidal thread on the electric push rod, which transforms the rotary motion into a uniform linear motion based on the top nut of the gate valve and the sliding groove in its oil circuit plate, that is, the actual operating torque is converted into the actual operating driving force. When starting the gate valve, when the lifting height of the gate valve is 1:1 times the pipe diameter of the gate valve, the liquid channel is smooth, but during operation, this part is difficult to monitor. In specific use, the end point of the valve seat should be used as a mark, that is, the non moving position, as its fully open position. To take into account the lockup situation caused by temperature changes, it is generally opened to the endpoint position and then reversed by 1/2-1 turn as the fully open valve position. Therefore, the fully open position of the valve is determined by the gate valve position (i.e. stroke arrangement). Some stop valve stem nuts are built on the gate valve, and the spindle rotates to push the valve seat to rotate, which in turn raises the gate valve. This type of gate valve is called a sliding block stop valve or a non rising stem gate valve.


            Odes Valve has introduced international intelligent production machinery and equipment for Shandong valves, continuously improving the application of new technologies in various countries around the world, and determining product updates and improvements. We have established a CAD valve design core and developed new products. We can choose manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic valve and other driving forms according to customer needs. Widely used in chemical plants, mining, urban construction, power engineering, decorative building materials, concrete, military, pharmaceutical industry, food, water supply and drainage, and other fields.


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